Unclaimed VAT Reviews


The correct processing of VAT on purchase invoices is complex and there are number of reasons why errors can occur including simply input errors, VAT amounts input at incorrect rates and the processing of proforma invoices. The changes in applicable VAT Rates over recent years has only added to the issue. However, if these errors can be idenitfied and verified, HRMC allows corrections to be made for errors on invoices up to four years old.

Our Service

Carried out alongside our Duplicate Payment Review, we examine your transactions to identify where VAT has been omitted or posted below the correct value. Once verified, details of the unclaimed VAT and the supporting documentation is provided to you for submission to the tax authorities.

The Fees

All of our services, with the exception of the Property Rates Management service, are provided on contingency basis, we only charge based on what we recovery for your organisation.