Duplicate Payment Reviews


The complexity of the purchase to payment process and the sheer volume of invoices can make duplicate payments almost inevitable in larger organisations. In our experience, duplicate payments will occur for a variety of different reasons. Some of the more common causes are duplicated supplier accounts, delayed payments or simply human error. Our expertise and experience means our comprehensive review process will identify all types of errors regardless of the reason.

Our Service

We provide an expert 100% review of clients’ accounts payable transactions. We will identify and validate potential duplicate payments before approaching the supplier with proof of the overpayment and will collect any proved duplicate payments on behalf of our client. Appropriate clearing documentation is provided for the client’s ledger to reflect the collection. In addition, any associated transactions to the validated error are reviewed to confirm correct clearance.

At no additional cost, we can also provide a variety of management reports, identifying historical errors, but also highlighting system weaknesses.

Our reviews are undertaken in a client-focused and flexible way, based on the recognition that every organisation has unique processes and needs.

Our Fees

All of our services, with the exception of the Property Rates Management service, are provided on contingency basis, we only charge based on what we recovery for your organisation.