Hilco Global Companies

Hilco Profit Recovery Limited is is part of Hilco Global, a unique platform of more than twenty integrated business units located around the world and focused on three core corporate solution areas: Valuation, Monetisation and Advisory Services.

Each Hilco Global company is recognised as a leader in its respective field. These businesses on their own, or collaboratively, will provide customized services to determine the market value of your business assets, monetize those assets, or enhance their overall worth to your organization through innovative strategic solutions. Whether you are a retailer, manufacturer or wholesale/distribution company, an asset-based or commercial lender, an attorney, accountant or turnaround professional, a private equity sponsor, hedge fund or investment bank, Hilco Global can provide a fully-integrated package of corporate solutions to assist you.

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  • Hilco Valuation Services
    • Enterprise Valuation
    • Litigation Support
    • Real Estate Appraisal
    • Valuation Advisory
    • Valuation Services Asia-Pacific
    • Valuation Services Europe
    • Diligence Services
  • Hilco Merchant Resources
    • Hilco Fixed Asset Recovery
    • Hilco Wholesale Solutions
    • Hilco Merchant Australia
  • Hilco Real Estate
    • Real Estate Disposition
    • Real Estate Acquisition
  • Hilco Redevelopment Partners
  • Hilco Industrial
    • Hilco Asset Sales (Canada)
    • Hilco Global Asia-Pacific
    • Industrial Europe
  • Hilco Acetec
  • Hilco Capital
    • RE:Capital (Canada)
    • RE:Capital (Australia)
  • Hilco Receivables
  • Hilco Streambank
  • Hilco Retail Consulting
  • Hilco Real Estate
    • Asset Restructuring
  • Hilco Brands
  • Hilco Asset Protection